REPORT ON AKROTERION 48 – 49 (2003 – 2004)



Editorial Committee


The Editorial Committee consisted of the following members of the Department of Ancient Studies at the University of Stellenbosch:


Dr J C Zietsman (Editor)

Dr A Kotzé

Mrs C A Malan

Mr F R Pauw

Prof J C Thom

Dr S Thom


Associate members from other institutions were the following:


Prof J E Atkinson

Prof L Cilliers

Prof W J Henderson

Prof E A Mackay

Prof D Scourfield

Prof B van Zyl Smit

Prof R Whitaker


Akroterion 48 and 49


Two volumes (48 and 49) were published during 2003 and 2004. Volume 48 (130 pp.) contained eight articles. Volume 49 (128 pp.) contained ten articles of which one was illustrated, as well as a book review. Both volumes also contained the B X de Wet Essay and the illustrated In the Museum section.


The circulation for volume 48 was 240 and 220 for volume 49. Apart from copies distributed to all members of the Classical Association, 14 institutions receive Akroterion as complimentary or legal deposit copies, 13 as exchange copies with other publications, and there are 35 private subscribers.


Financial statement


A financial statement for 2003 and 2004 is attached as an addendum. As for the previous period, we have to report a nett loss of R 1 668.00 which will be covered by financial support from Stellenbosch University. Apart from this amount, non-payment of membership fees and page fees amounted to R 2 830.00.


Prospects for the future


Akroterion will only survive with the active support from members of CASA, especially by way of high quality submissions. All members are therefore once again invited to submit articles for publication. Without sacrificing academic value, articles with a general appeal catering for a broader reading public are also welcome.

In view of the newly approved school syllabus for Latin we especially invite related researched articles that could serve as an aid to teachers.


The next volume of Akroterion will mark the 50th year of publication of the journal. To celebrate this occasion, we are looking forward to receiving articles on the Classic tradition in South Africa over the last half century!


Articles published are now also available online via SABINET and EBSCO. Contributors therefore have the assurance that their articles are available to anybody anywhere in the world who has access to the Internet.




I once again wish to express my sincere thanks to all the members of the Editorial Committee for their moral support and interest in the progress of the production of each of these two volumes, to CASA and other institutions for their continuing financial support, to my academic and administrative colleagues at Stellenbosch for their unflagging support and assistance (especially the two editorial assistants, Mrs Carien Punt and Ms René Fourie), to everyone who submitted articles for publications, and finally the referees for their enormous contribution to help maintain the academic standard of Akroterion.


J C Zietsman





JULY 2003 – JUNE 2005




Printing costs                                                              15 138.00

Stationery                                                                         794.00

Postage                                                                         3 420.00

Honorarium for editorial assistance                            1 000.00

BX de Wet prize money                                                   800.00

Bank charges and VAT                                                1 040.00


Total expenses                                                        22 192.00




Subscriptions received                                                    746.00

Sabinet subscription                                                     1 020.00

CASA contribution                                                        8 500.00

BX de Wet Essay (CASA)                                           3 000.00

Page fees                                                                      7 150.00

Interest earned on savings account                                108.00


Total income                                                             20 524.00


Nett loss                                                                       1 668.00


Cost of 2 volumes                                                          R 47.28


CASA contribution per member                                  R 28.91