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The Classical Association of South Africa is delighted to announce a new essay competition, generously sponsored by Mr. Leslie Levy, a long-standing member of the Association. A prize of R1500 (one thousand five hundred South African rands) will be offered to the best essay which, in the tradition of Plutarch, compares and contrasts a personality from modern African history with a personality from ancient Greek or Roman history. This essay competition is open to any undergraduate student at a university in Africa, or any A-level student at a secondary school in Africa.  Essays can be written in English, Afrikaans or French, and will be judged by a triumvirate consisting of the Chairperson of CASA, one other member of the CASA executive (an ancient historian), and Mr. Levy. The closing date for submission of the essays is the 30th June. The following rules for the essay competition apply:

  1. Essays must be no more than 3000 words in length, typed (1.5 spacing).
  2. Candidates may use footnotes, but not endnotes. A bibliography (in alphabetical order) at the end of the essay must list all primary (classical texts) and secondary sources consulted. Candidates may use any referencing system, as long as this system is used consistently and coherently throughout the essay.
  3. Candidates are permitted to use the Internet, but all websites must be acknowledged in footnotes and listed in the bibliography.
  4.  A separate cover page must be submitted with the essay on which the candidate’s name, secondary school or university, country, and email address are clearly stated.
  5. In addition, on the cover page, the candidate must type, sign and date the following declaration: ‘I……..[full name of candidate] declare that this essay is my original work, that I have acknowledged all references consulted and that I am aware of the consequences of plagiarism’. Any essay suspected of plagiarism will be disqualified.  
  6. Essays MUST compare and contrast a personality from modern African history with a personality from ancient Greek or Roman history. Essays on other topics will be disqualified. [Please note that, for the purposes of this competition, modern African history begins in the post-colonial period].
  7. Only one prize will be awarded. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence about this decision will be entered into. The title of the winning essay, a brief summary of its content and the name of the prizewinner will be announced on the CASA website.

Submissions should be sent by email to hilton@ukzn.ac.za by 30 June.