Proceedings of the African Classical Association (PACA) (ISSN 0555-3059). Archive 


The seventeen volumes of The Proceedings of the African Classical Association (1958-1983) are archived by annual volume here:


VOLUME I (1958 [large file >20Mb])

Badian, E. 1958. 'Notes on provincial governors from the Social War down to Sulla's victory.' PACA 1:1-18.
Carney, T.F. 1958. 'The aims of Roman military and foreign policy in the last quarter of the third century B.C.' PACA 1:19-26.
Ferguson, J. 1958. 'Catullus and Propertius.' PACA 1:48-60.
Mattingly, H. 1958. 'The Roman goddess of war.' PACA 1:26-27.
Sealey, R. 1958. 'Athens and the Archidamian War.' PACA 1:61-87.
Webster, T.B.L. 1958. 'Sophocles and Antigone.' PACA 1:28-32.
White, K.D. 1958. 'Local government -- then and now.' PACA 1:32-43.
Yehya, L.A.W. 1958. 'The Athenian ephebeia towards the end of the fourth century B.C.' PACA 1:44-47.

VOLUME II (1959)

Carney, T. F. 1959. 'Formal elements in Livy.' PACA 2:1-18.
Dorey, T. A. 1959. 'The Aurelii and the Furii.' PACA 2:9-10.
Goold, G. P. 1959. 'Perseus and Andromeda: a myth from the skies.' PACA 2:10-15.
Hijmans, B. L. 1959. 'Epictetus and the teleological explanation of nature.' PACA 2:15-21.
Laidlaw, W. A. 1959. 'Cicero, Plautus and Terence.' PACA 2:21-24.
Schwabl, H. 1959. 'Remarks on Hesiod Theogony 26-39.' PACA 2:24-27.
Webster, T. B. L. 1959. 'Menander's Dyscolus.' PACA 2:27-33.
Classen, C. J. 1959. 'The study of language among Socrates' contemporaries.' PACA 2:27-33.


Carney, T.F. 1960. 'Notes on the text of Achilles Tatius Book III.' PACA 3:10-14.
Coffey, M. 1960. 'Seneca and his tragedies.' PACA 3:14-20.
H. R. H. Prince Peter of Greece. 1960. 'The Hellenistic period in central Asia.' PACA 3:1-9.
Moore, D.G. 1960. 'Notes on The Odyssey.' PACA 3:26-28.
Moore, D.G. 1960. 'The young men in Terence.' PACA 3:21-26.

VOLUME IV (1961)

Dorey, T.A. 1961. 'Masinissa, Siphax, and Sophoniba.' PACA 4:1-2.
Erasmus, H.J. 1961. 'Two notes on the early history of Sparta.' PACA 4:3-9.
Hamilton, J.R. 1961. 'The letters in Plutarch's Alexander.' PACA 4:9-20.
Pocock, L.G. 1961. 'Theognis 257-66.' PACA 4:20-21.
Viljoen, G.van N. 1961. 'A note on two details in Pindar's myth of Pelops.' PACA 4:22-26.
Walsh, P.G. 1961. 'Livy and Augustus.' PACA 4:26-37.
Warmington, B.H. 1961. 'Two notes on Numidia.' PACA 4:37-41.

VOLUME V (1962)

Carney, T.F. 1962. 'The administrative revolution of Rome in the first century B. C.' PACA 5:31-42.
Hands, A.R. 1962. 'The timing of suicide.' PACA 5:27-31.
Mosley, D.J. 1962. 'An Athenian law on ambassadors.' PACA 5:26-27.
Pocock, L.G. 1962. 'The nature of ocean in early epic.' PACA 5:1-17.
Thompson, L.A. 1962. 'The appointment of quaestors extra sortem.' PACA 5:17-25.

VOLUME VI (1963)

Anderson, W.S. 1963. 'More thoughts on Juvenal the satirist.' PACA 6:45-49.
Carney, T.F. 1963. 'Notes on the Hecyra of Terence.' PACA 6:16-23.
Ferguson, J. 1963. 'Catullus and Martial.' PACA 6:1-15.
Pocock, L.G. 1963. 'More argument concerning the Elymi and the Odyssey.' PACA 6:24-35.
Sinclair, R.K. 1963. 'Diodorus Siculus and the writing of history.' PACA 6:36-45.


Ferguson, J. 1964. 'The sources of pre-Platonic analogy and illustrations.' PACA 7:5-18.
Mattingly, H.B. 1964. 'The financial decrees of Kallias (IG i2 91/2).' PACA 7:35-53.
McGibbon, D. 1964. 'Plato's final definition of justice.' PACA 7:19-24.
Pocock, L.G. 1964. 'Odyssean retrospect.' PACA 7:25-34.
Sealey, R. 1964. 'Thukydides Oloru Halimusios.' PACA 7:56-60.
Silvestre, H. 1964. 'Trois sermons à retirer définitivement de l'héritage d'optat de Milève.' PACA 7:61-62.


Badian, E. 1965. 'The date of Clitarchus.' PACA 8:5-11.
Ferguson, J. 1965. 'Some Catullan problems.' PACA 8:28-34.
Griffith, G.T. 1965. 'Alexander and Antipater in 323 B. C. .' PACA 8:12-17.
Pocock, L.G. 1965. 'On Iliad XXIII, 71-6.' PACA 8:22-27.
Thompson, L.A. 1965. 'Foreign furiosi.' PACA 8:18-21.
Wasserstein, A. 1965. 'The development of Aristotle's thought.' PACA 8:35-37.

VOLUME IX (1966)

Dickinson, R.J. 1966. 'Some emendations in the Aetna.' PACA 9:77-80.
Esan, O. 1966. 'Latin in Africa: the linguistic link.' PACA 9:48-50.
Huxley, H.H. 1966. 'Horace Epode I. 7-10 and the superfluous interrogative enclitic.' PACA 9:60.
Mattingly, H.B. 1966. 'Athens, Delphi and Eleusis in the late 420s.' PACA 9:61-76.
Pocock, L.G. 1966. 'The importance of Odyssey IX, 25-6 or How the Odyssey came to be composed.' PACA 9:31-47.
Sumner, G.V. 1966. 'The chronology of the outbreak of the Second Punic War.' PACA 9:5-30.
Warmington, B.H. 1966. 'Gibbon and the noble savage.' PACA 9:51-59.

VOLUME X (1967)

Akinpelu, J.A. 1967. 'The Stoic scala naturae.' PACA 10:29-35.
Arnott, W.G. 1967. 'Walter Headlam and Herodas.' PACA 10:41-44.
Carney, T.F. 1967. 'The changing picture of Marius in ancient literature.' PACA 10:5-22.
Considine, P. 1967. 'Moses and Odysseus.' PACA 10:23-27.
McCleod, A.M.G. and Thomson, A.P.D. 1967. 'The Hippocratic aphorism 3.12 and abortion.' PACA 10:36-40.

VOLUME XI (1968)

Badian, E. 1968. 'The Sempronii Asseliones.' PACA 11:1-6.
Borza, E.N. 1968. 'Cleitarchus and Diodorus' account of Alexander.' PACA 11:25-45.
Carney, T.F. 1968. 'How Suetonius' Lives reflect on Hadrian.' PACA 11:7-24.
Harris, R.I. 1968. 'The dilemma of Alexander the Great.' PACA 11:46-54.
McLoughlin, T. 1968. 'An unusual offer to Nisus -- Aeneid IX, 272/273.' PACA 11:55-58.


Diggle, J. 1973. 'Oxyrhynchus Papyri xxxvii (1971), 2804, 2814, 2816.' PACA 12:1.
Goodyear, F.R.D. 1973. 'Two Conjectures in Sen. Contr. 1.' PACA 12:12.
Gray, E.W. 1973. 'The Roman eastern limes from Constantine to Justinian -- perspectives and problems.' PACA 12:24-30.
Hall, J.B. 1973. 'Notes on Three New Manuscripts of Claudian De Raptu Proserpinae.' PACA 12:13-14.
Hall, J.B. 1973. 'Seneca, Controuersiae 1. praef. 12.' PACA 12:11.
Pulbrook, M. 1973. 'The third declension accusative plural in -is and -es in Ovid's Metamorphoses.' PACA 12:2-10.
Tanner, R.G. 1973. 'The evolution of Roman epic.' PACA 12:15-23.


Coleman, K.M. 1975. 'Vergil Aeneid I, 200-1.' PACA 13:9-10.
Gray, E.W. 1975. 'The crisis in Rome at the beginning of 32 B. C. .' PACA 13:15-29.
Hall, J.B. 1975. 'Varia critica.' PACA 13:11-14.
Newbold, R.F. 1975. 'The spectacles as an issue between Gaius and the senate.' PACA 13:30-35.
Speidel, M.P. 1975. 'Africa and Rome: continuous resistance?' PACA 36-38.
Thompson, W.E. 1975. 'The date of the prytaneion decree.' PACA 13:1-8.


Coleman, K.M. 1978. 'Silvae 4.9: a Statian name-game.' PACA 14:9-10.
Goodyear, F.R.D. 1978. 'Columella R.R. 10.185.' PACA 14:8.
Hall, J.B. 1978. 'Manuscripts of Claudian in the U.S.S.R. and Poland.' PACA 14:15-20.
Hall, J.B. 1978. 'Ovid Amores 3.7(6).55.' PACA 14:7.
Hermansen, G. 1978. 'The bread line through Ostia to Rome.' PACA 14:21-26.
Pike, D.L. 1978. 'Hercules Furens: Some thoughts on the madness of Heracles in Greek literature.' PACA 14:1-6.
Williams, H.J. 1978. 'Observations on the manuscript tradition of Tiberianus.' PACA 14:11-14.

VOLUME XV (1980)

Kraay, C.M. 1980. 'Notes on the Courtauld collection of Greek coins at the university of Zimbabwe.' PACA 15:59-61.
Mayer, R. 1980. 'On Catullus 64.21.' PACA 15:16-19.
McDowell, J. 1980. 'The role of eudaimonia in Aristotle's Ethics.' PACA 15:1-15.
Saddington, D.B. 1980. 'Prefects and lesser officers in the auxilia at the beginning of the Roman period.' PACA 15:20-58.


Adams, J.N. 1982. 'Anatomical terms used pars pro toto in Latin.' PACA 16:37-45.
Coleman, K.M. 1982. 'Vibius Maximus and the writing of history.' PACA 16:25-27.
Goodyear, F.R.D. 1982. 'Notes on the Courtauld collection of Greek coins at the university of Zimbabwe.' PACA 16:1-24.
Newbold, R.F. 1982. 'The reporting of earthquakes, fires and floods by ancient historians.' PACA 16:28-36.
Watson, G.R. 1982. 'Conscription and voluntary enlistment in the Roman army.' PACA 16:46-50.


Cawsey, F. 1983. 'Statius Silvae II.iv: more than an ex-parrot?' PACA 17:69-84.
Coleman, K.M. 1983. 'An African at Rome: Statius Silvae 4.5.' PACA 17:85-99.
Diggle, J. 1983. 'Facta dictis aequare: Sallust Hist. II fr. 98.' PACA 17:59-62.
Goodfellow, M. 1983. 'Purple passages from the second Georgic in Tacitus.' PACA 17:100-07.
Goold, G.P. 1983. 'The great lacuna in Manilius.' PACA 17:64-68.
Hall, J. 1983. 'A black note in Juvenal Satire V.52-55.' PACA 17:108-13.
Hall, J.B. 1983. 'Ovid Amores II.ix.23-24.' PACA 17:63.
Jocelyn, H.D. 1983. 'Lucretius 4.1263-77.' PACA 17:53-58.
Milton, M.P. 1983. 'The second message to Xerxes and Themistocles' views on strategy.' PACA 17:22-52.
Potts, I.D. 1983. 'Mithraic converts in army service -- a group with special privileges.' PACA 17:114-17.
Speidel, M.P. 1983. 'Severiana as a title for army units and the three legiones Parthicae of Septimius Severus.' PACA 17:118-23.
Thompson, L.A. 1983. 'Observations on the perception of 'race' in imperial Rome.' PACA 17:1-21.