On Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 August, there will be a round of interesting lectures at the University of KwaZulu-Natal on Classics subjects, given by two visiting lecturers from Brown University, Rhode Island, USA, Professor Kurt Raaflaub and Professor Deborah Boedeker 


Professor Raaflaub is Professor of Classics and Ancient History at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA. He has published 19 books, 79 chapters in books, and 13 major articles in leading international Classics journals and has been invited to lecture at the top universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Greece, Australia, and Mexico. He is perhaps best known for the English version of his 'habilitation' at the Free University of Berlin (1979), The Discovery of Freedom in Ancient Greece (2004), for which he won the Americal Historical Association's James Henry Breasted Prize. He and his wife Deborah Boedeker are co-directors of the Hellenic Centre in Washington, D.C.


Deborah Boedeker is also a Professor of Classics at Brown University. She too has published widely: 8 books, 26 chapters in books, and 4 major articles in prestigious Classics journals. She has been invited to give numerous lectures internationally, and has been honoured with many awards. She is a very active member of the American Philological Association and serves on the executive committee of that organisation.




TOPIC: The Truth about Tyranny: Tacitus and the Historianís Responsibility in Early Imperial Rome

SPEAKER: Prof. Kurt Raaflaub

DATE:  Wednesday, 6 August 2008 

TIME:  12:20-13:05
VENUE:  Sh12 (MTB, HC Campus)




TOPIC: Zeus and Prometheus: Greek Adaptations of Ancient West Asian Myths

SPEAKER: Prof. Kurt Raaflaub

DATE: Wednesday, 6 August 2008 

TIME: 14:10-15:30 
VENUE:  Sh17 (MTB, HC Campus)




TOPIC: Thinking about Peace in the Ancient World: Why Greece? & Sappho Old and New

SPEAKER: Prof. Kurt Raaflaub & Prof. Deborah Boedeker 

DATE:  Thursday, 7 August 2008 

TIME:  14:10-15:30
            (Classics Department, Room GO 24, MTB, HC Campus)




TOPIC: 'Leaders in War and Bravery': The Ideology of War in Fifth-Century Athens

SPEAKER: Prof. Kurt Raaflaub

DATE:  Friday, 8 August 2008 

TIME:  8:40-10:00
VENUE:  Room 23, Ground floor, Old Main Building, PMB Campus




TOPIC: Sappho Old and New

SPEAKER: Prof. Deborah Boedeker 

DATE:  Friday, 8 August 2008 

TIME:  11:00-11:45
VENUE:  Room 23, Ground floor, Old Main Building, PMB Campus