(PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME)

 Wednesday February 16th 2005

 9.00 - 9.45:     Registration at the Old Council Chamber (TvW 10.26)

 9.45-11.00:     Keynote Address (Chair: Richard Evans)

                                                  Anton Powell (University of Wales)

                                         Why did Sparta spare Athens in 404 BC?

 11.00-11.30:    Tea

11.30-13.00:    Session 1 (Chair: Richard Evans)

                                               Jessie Maritz (University of Zimbabwe)


                                     Denis Saddington (University of the Witwatersrand)

                                                The Role of Auxiliaries in Battle

 13.00-14.00:    Lunch in the Classics Seminar Room, TvW 9.54

14.00-16.00:    Session 2 (Chair: Julie Pridmore)

                                              Sira Dambe (University of South Africa)

                                       Donum exitiable: The Gift of War in Virgil

                                     John Hilton (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban)

                                             War and Peace in the Ancient Novel

 Thursday February 17th 2005

  9.00 -11.00:    Session 3 (Chair: Kate Gilliver )

                                             Edward Bragg (Wadham College Oxford)

Martial Spin-Doctors: The Public and Private Letters of Roman Republican Commanders

                                           Richard Evans (University of South Africa)

                          Rome’s Cimbric Wars at the end of the Second Century BC

 11.00-11.30:    Tea

11.30-13.00:    Session 4 (Chair: Martine de Marre)

                                            Julie Pridmore (University of South Africa)

                     The Battle of Isandlwana, 22 January 1879: a “Pyrrhic Victory”?

                                           Kathy Whitely (University of South Africa)

                               After the Battle: Treating Wounds and Broken Bones 

13.00-14.00:    Lunch in the Classics Seminar Room, TvW 9.54

14.00-16.00:    Session 5 (Chair: Beatrice Martin)

                                            Peter Barker (University of South Africa)

                              Crossing the Hellespont: A Study in Ancient Logistics

                                           Philip Bosman (University of South Africa)

                                                        Alexander in Anecdotes

Friday February 18th 2005

 9.00-11.00:     Session 6 (Chair: Jessie Maritz)

                                                   Kate Gilliver (Cardiff University)

Display in Roman Warfare: The Appearance of Armies and Individuals on the Battlefield

                                               Craig Caldwell (Princeton University)

                    Landscapes of War and Methods of Battle in the Roman Civil Wars

                                                     of the Fourth Century A.D.

11.00-11.30:    Tea

11.30-13.00:    Session 7 (Chair: Philip Bosman)

                                                 Anton Powell (University of Wales)

                                 Women of Sparta - and other Greek Cities - at War

13.00-14.00:    Colloquium Lunch in the Protea Restaurant, Unisa Campus



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