A lecture by Deon van Zyl, Curriculum vitae
Honorary President
of the Classical Association
of South Africa
   The Western Cape branch of the Classical Association of South Africa held a very successful evening as the culmination of their two-year-long membership drive, celebrating the expertise of CASA's national Honorary President, the honourable Mr Justice Deon Van Zyl. The hosts were the Classics faculty members of the School of Languages and Literatures of the University of Cape Town, assisted by the 2004 CASA-WP Committee. Members of the Cape Bench and Bar and other members of the legal fraternity as well as the Greek, Italian and Portuguese consuls and dignitaries of the Provincial government and of the three Southern Universities were invited to a lecture by Judge Van Zyl on the topic of "Classical Justice in the XXVIII Olympiad: Athens 2004". He recently returned from Athens where he was a member of an international panel of 12 legal experts who were entrusted with the task of arbitration in all cases of dispute as well as all disciplinary matters that hinged on legal principles.  
   After an introduction spelling out the classical Greek origin of the concept of justice in its Socratic-Platonic context as mediated by Roman thinkers such as Cicero, and later, Ulpian, Judge Van Zyl demonstrated how this concept has been accepted in legal systems throughout the world, including the world of sport, as applied by the Court of Arbitration for Sport at the Olympic Games in Athens. He referred to specific cases dealt with by the Court and also made some observations regarding cases and events that did not at the time find their way to the Court, such as the notorious attack on the leading athlete in the Marathon race.  

 A vase painting depicting an equestrian event during the Panathenaic games at Athens.  The bronze jockey of Artemision, c. 140 BC.  Scenes on a number of amphorae depicting athletes competing in the Panathenaic games.

   The lecture was also attended by colleagues from the three Southern Universities, members of the CASA-WP Committees for 2004 and 2005, and by a number of members of the Greek Community. Publicity material and membership forms were distributed and there was a very enthusiastic response from the guests, who relaxed over cheese and wine.  
 Jo-Marie Claassen, chair CASA WP 2004

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