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 2 JULY 2003


1.  Opening and welcome 

The president of CASA, Prof. J. E. Atkinson, welcomed everyone to the business meeting of the 25th biennial conference of the Classical Association of South Africa.


2.  Attendance 

Present: J. Adler; J.E. Atkinson; J.du P Boeke; P.R. Bosman; N. Brand; C.E. Chandler; L.F. Cilliers; J.-M. Claassen; P.J. Conradie;  M.E.A. de Marre; M.R. Dircksen; M.A. Gosling; W.J. Henderson; J. Hilton; C. M.  Janse van Rensburg; A. Kotzé; J.P.K. Kritzinger; G.J. Mader; J.E. Maritz; D.L. Pike; A. Ryan; M. Schneider; C.J. Schumann-Bosman; S. J. Sharland; J.C. Thom; S. Thom; A. Tronson; D. van Zyl; D. Wardle; R. A. Whitaker J.C. Zietsman

 Apologies: J. Jackson; M. Lambert; C.A. Malan, F.R. Pauw; E. Steinmeyer; P.M.W. Tennent; E. van Zyl Smit


3.  Personalia 

3.1 In memoriam: 

The meeting observed one minute silence to recall the loss of the following members:

Fereshteh Hancock; Louis le Grange; Frans Maritz; Charl Naudé; Anton Paap; Bert van Stekelenburg


3.2 New appointments/ promotions: 

John Hilton promoted to Associate Professor

Annemaré Kotzé reappointed at US

Adrian Ryan and Elke Steinmeyer appointed at UND

Peter Tennent (UNP) promoted to Associate Professor

David Wardle (UCT) appointed as HOD of the School of Languages


3.3 PhD’s obtained: 

Segun Ige (UND): Cicero’s use of gender as a rhetorical strategy; supervised by W. Dominik

Annemaré Kotzé  (US): The protreptic-paraenetic purpose of Augustine’s Confessions and its Manichean audience; supervised by J.C. Thom

Suzanne Sharland (UCT): Horace in Dialogue: a Bakhtinian study of speakers, interlocutors, addressees, and audiences in the moralising satires of Horace Sermones Books One and Two; supervised by R. A. Whitaker

Martine de Marre (Unisa): The role and position of women in Roman North African Society; supervised by B.C. Hendrickx (RAU)


3.4 Publications: 

Alfonso Burgers, The water supplies and related structures of Roman Britain, Oxford, British Archaeological Reports 2001.


3.5 Awards: 

Sakkie Cornelius: (US): a Von Humboldt-stipend

Louise Cilliers (UFS): a fellowship at the N.I.A.S (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study)

Alex Nice (Reed College/Wits): an Ernest Oppenheimer award for research

Johan Thom (US): a membership at the I.A.S. (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

Christoff Zietsman (US): Rector’s award for excellence in teaching


3.6 Retirements: 

John Atkinson (UCT): retired March 2002

Jo-Marie Claassen (US): retired March 2001


 4. Adoption of the Minutes

The minutes of the previous business meeting of CASA, held at Unisa, 25 January 2001, were accepted unanimously.


5. Matters arising: 

5.1 Cooperation with the Classical Association of the Netherlands (Oikos)

Dr. Manfred Horstmanshoff attended the business meeting as a representative of the Classical Association of the Netherlands.

The CASA executive will actively pursue cooperation. If possible a formal agreement will be signed. The executive will strive

(i) To identify conferences organised by Oikos suitable for attendance by CASA representatives (and vice versa) and the requirements for such attendance (for instance membership requirements for a paper to be submitted?)

(ii) To identify and delegate representatives of CASA to attend such conferences

(iii) To identify contacts and facilitate visits for post-graduate students from both associations with academics from the other cooperating organisation. Such visits would include access to libraries and supervisor contacts.

(iv) Identify study or interest groups where research contributions would be suitable. The Oikos study groups on Ancient Medicine, Philodemus, Portrait of the Hellenistic Period  and Sacred and Profane have already been identified as areas where cooperation with CASA members could be successfully implemented.

5.2     The research committee’s report has been circulated and is included under separate cover (or attached electronically).

5.3     The fundraising and publicity committee’s report has been submitted and will be circulated.

It was agreed that priority should be given to identifying potential donors, and also suitable projects, especially those with a developmental facet.

5.4     CASA website: Information, including that of associates of individual departments, to be listed on the web to be sent to the Webmaster. The CASA newsletter will give a fixed format according to which such information should be submitted to the Webmaster. The CASA website will also list overseas conferences of interest to members of the association. The website should also list the venues of all previous CASA conferences.


6. Chairperson’s report 

The chairperson, Prof. J.E. Atkinson, gave an overview of the position of Classics at universities. Although several departments amalgamated with other departments and colleagues were teaching in new surroundings, Classics courses were still generally available. A larger body of students was exposed to Classics – often as part of other programmes. Research in particular was doing well.

An effort has been made to establish links with other language associations. This seemed particularly difficult, since the modern languages were closely associated with various embassies and substantially subsidised by them, which seemed to work against co-operation with other associations. The position of the heritage languages at schools was an issue that seemed to call for concerted action by the various language associations. These languages should be seen as proper subjects for study in schools and universities. A document on the position of Latin in schools was submitted to the Department of Education by CASA.

Members received the following benefits from their membership: full academic professionals received Acta Classica; members received Akroterion as well as a Newsletter. A recommendation to continue the Newsletter was included, as well as a suggestion that an attempt be made to bring veterans on board. Recommendations for Honorary-president and vice-presidents were also made.

In response to the chairperson’s report the following queries/suggestions were tabled:

John Hilton wanted to know if an effort should be made to co-operate with other language organisations, in the light of the growth of comparative literature where most modern languages would fit in. Johan Thom suggested that departments in which inter-association contacts were present should take up the cause for closer co-operation between the languages, rather than the executive of CASA. A further suggestion was made that a conference for languages (separate from any disciplinary conference) could be organised. Such a conference would also accommodate people who have no disciplinary conference allegiance, such as scholars of Portuguese and Russian.

Bill Henderson wanted to know in what language papers would be delivered in such an inter-disciplinary environment.


7.  Treasurer’s report

The treasurer’s report was circulated before the business meeting. Its acceptance was proposed by Koos Kritzinger and seconded by Philip Bosman. The budget was tabled and its acceptance was proposed by Koos Kritzinger and seconded by Corrie Schumann. No increase in membership fees was announced. Akroterion now published the B.X. de Wet essay and Casa subsidised both page fees and the prize money. It was suggested that the prize money be increased for the first prize as well as making a second and third prize available, if warranted.


8. Reports from the branches:

The reports from  Kwazulu-Natal, the Northern region and the Western Cape are included in these minutes under separate cover (or attached electronically).

The report from the Eastern Cape mentioned the meetings of the association when addressed by John Atkinson and David Wardle.


9. Acta Classica 

A report was circulated and was accepted. This report is included under separate cover, or attached electronically. Acta Classica has signed an agreement with SABINET, who will collect payment for the relevant articles downloaded from Internet sources. The document is included under separate cover (but is not attached electronically). In response to a comment on the difficulty of getting an article accepted for Acta Classica, Gottfried Mader indicated that the quality of articles received differed substantially, which necessitated strict refereeing. It was felt that the quality of the refereeing of articles reflected well on Acta Classica. Johan Thom suggested a vote of thanks to the current editor, Bill Henderson. This was endorsed unanimously.


10. Akroterion 

A report was circulated and was accepted. This report is included under separate cover (or attached electronically). In response to a question about the B.X. de Wet essay, the editor pointed out that articles for Akroterion were refereed, but that the essays were judged by a panel, specifically nominated for this purpose. Marianne Dircksen suggested a vote of thanks to the current editor, Christoff Zietsman. This was endorsed unanimously.


11. Taskforce on Latin tuition 

 A report by the taskforce on Latin tuition was circulated and is included under separate cover (or attached electronically). Corrie Schumann expressed special thanks to Jo-Marie Claassen and Marianne Dirckson for their help. Schola Scripta is at present being rewritten to include more grammar. People who are interested in obtaining information on learning Latin can contact Corrie Schumann at 082 338 4455 or 021 420 2368. The report was accepted and a vote of thanks was endorsed unanimously.


12. Ursula Vogel-Weidemann Memorial Bursary 

The chairman expressed appreciation for the opportunity afforded by this bursary to South African classicists. The most recent recipients were David Wardle (UCT) and Martine de Marre (Unisa).


13. Venue, date and theme of next conference 

Kwazulu-Natal offered to host the conference, whether at Mariztburg or Durban remains to be seen. The theme is the Classical Tradition. The executive committee will determine the date with July 2005 as a possibility.


14. Election of office-bearers 

14.1 Honorary president:

Judge Deon van Zyl (proposed by J.E. Atkinson, unanimously accepted by the meeting)

14.2 Honorary vice-presidents:

P.J. Conradie; W.J. Henderson and D.B. Saddington, for their contribution to Classics in South Africa, especially to research (proposed by J.E. Atkinson, unanimously accepted by the meeting)

14.3 Executive committee

All committee members were elected unanimously.

Chairperson: J.C. Thom (nominated by J.E. Atkinson; seconded by J.C. Zietsman)

Vice-chairperson: B. van Zyl Smit (nominated by J.C. Thom; seconded by J.C. Zietsman)

Secretary: Marianne Dircksen (nominated by C.F. Schumann-Bosmann;  seconded by L.F. Cilliers)

Treasurer: J.C. Zietsman (nominated by J.E. Atkinson;  seconded by J.C. Thom)

Additional member: C.J. Schumann-Bosman (nominated by J.C. Zietsman; seconded by S. Thom)

14.4 Acta Classica

Managing editor: W. J. Henderson (nominated by J.E. Atkinson; seconded by J.C. Thom)

Treasurer: G.J. Mader (nominated by W. J. Henderson; seconded by J.C. Zietsman)

Additional members: L.F. Cilliers (nominated by W. J. Henderson, seconded by J.C. Thom) M.E.A. de Marre and R.A. Whitaker (co-opted)

14. 5 Subcommittees

Research committee: J.C. Thom and L.F. Cilliers
Additional members to be co-opted as needed

Fundraising committee: R.A. Whitaker, John Hilton and S.J. Sharland
Additional members to be co-opted as needed

Taskforce for Latin: C.J. Schumann-Bosman; J.M. Claassen;  M.R. Dircksen


15. Other business 

Unisa Classics will host a colloquium from 30 July – 1 August 2003 on The legacy of Greece and Rome. Proff Ogden  and Miriam Griffin will attend. CASA members are invited to attend.

 FIEC: it was noted that Mike Lambert would represent CASA at the FIEC conference in Brazil in 2005.


16. Thanks 

The chairperson thanked the executive for their cooperation and hard work and the Department of Ancient Studies at the University of Stellenbosch for hosting the conference. He made special mention of  John Hilton for handling internet communications,  Jo-Marie Claassen for assistance in publicising the conference, Nadine Brand for general assistance, Maridien Schneider for organising the book sale and Christoff Zietsmann for being such an efficient general organiser.
Johan Thom proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing chairperson, John Atkinson, for his hard work on behalf of CASA