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 7 JULY 2005


1.  Opening and welcome

The chair person, Prof. J. Thom welcomes everyone, especially the colleagues from the Netherlands.


2.  Attendance

Present: J. Adler; J. Atkinson; J. Bloemendal, J.du P. Boeke; P. Bosman; N. Brand; C. Chandler; L. Cilliers; J-M. Claassen; M. Dircksen; W.J. Dominik; A. Gosling; W.J. Henderson; M. Hermans; J.L. Hilton; M. Horstmanshoff; J. Jackson; J. Koekemoer; A. Kotzè; J.P.K. Kritzinger; M. Lambert; G. Mader; B. Martin; D. Pike; A. Schoeman; C. Schumann-Bosman; P. Tennant; A. Van Hooff; E. Van Zyl Smit; D. Wardel; J.L.F. Wolmarans; J.C. Zietsman

Apologies: K. Bosman; J.F.G. Cilliers; D.J. Coetzee; M. de Marre; F.R. Pauw; F.P. Retief; A. Ryan; W.D. Snowball; G. Solomons; S. Thom; R.A. Whitaker;


3.  Personalia

3.1  In memoriam

The meeting expresses its sympathy with Anne Gosling who recently lost her husband.


3.2  New appointments and promotions

Betine van Zyl Smith appointed as senior lecturer in the department of Classics at the University of Nottingham.

Annemarè Kotze promoted to lecturer at US.

Suzanne Sharland appointed as senior lecturer at UKZN

Louise Cilliers promoted to senior professor at UOVS.

Andrea Doyle and Marilena Triandafillou

Marianne Dircksen promoted to associate professor at UNW.


3.3  Retirements

Anne Gosling (UKZN)

David Pike (UKZN).


3.4  Publications

Retief, F. P. & Cilliers, L. 2005. "Health and healing, disease and death in the Graeco-Roman World". Bloemfontein: University of the Free State.

Cornelius, I. 2004. “The Many Faces of the Goddess. The iconography of the Syro-Palestinian goddesses Anat, Ashera, Astarte and Qedeshet c. 1500-1000 BCE.” Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 204. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht: Fribourg: University Press.

2004. (with Herbert Niehr). “Götter und Kulte in Ugarit. Kultur und Religion einer nordsyrischen Königsstadt der Spätbronzezeit (ca. 1350-1185 v.Chr.)”. Mainz: Von Zabern.

Kotzé, A. 2004. “Augustine's Confessions: Communicative Purpose and Audience.” Leiden: Brill.

Schneider, M. 2004. “Cicero 'haruspex': Political progrostication and the viscera of a deceased body politic”. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias.

Bosman, P. 2003. “Conscience in Philo and Paul. A conceptual history of the synoida  word group”. Tübingen Mohr Siebeck.

Henderson, W. J. 2004. “Op Griekse lier”. Protea Boekhuis: Pretoria.

Dircksen, M.R. 2004. “Myth and Identity”. (In Viljoen, H. & Van der Merwe, C. “Storyscapes: South African perspectives on literature, space and identity”. Peter Lang: New York.)


3.5  Awards

John Hilton: National research foundation grant.

Marianne Dircksen: Verka award for excellence in teaching


4.  Adoption of the Minutes

The minutes of the previous business meeting of CASA, held at Stellenbosch, 2 July 2003, are unanimously approved.


5.  Matters arising

Good cooperation with Oikos (Classical Association of the Netherlands) has been established in the past two years. The chairman thanks representatives from the Netherlands for their active participation in the conference and for their valuable contribution. He regards this as the beginning of and ongoing process.

Prof Horstmanshoff, who has been requested by the board of Oikos to lead the delegation to the conference, thanks all South African delegates for the kind reception and expresses his firm belief in the future of the cooperation between the two associations. He believes that personal contact is essential and is of the opinion that future cooperation can be extended to include student exchange, funding of Ph.D.-students and participation in international research programmes. South African students are invited to attend Masters classes in the Netherlands.


6.  Chairperson’s report.

The chair person, Prof J. Thom, expresses confidence in the fact that Classics is viable and alive in South Africa today. However, education and research are in a process of a transformation and consolidation is necessary.

The chairman makes the following recommendations:

6.1     Changes should be made to curricula to accommodate new trends in the country whilst quality control remains in tact.

6.2     Consideration should be given to the reinstatement of the Classics “Vakindaba” to enable colleagues to compare curricula and standards.

6.3     Participation of undergraduate students in CASA activities should be encouraged, since very few high school pupils are introduced to the ancient world. This goal can be attained by including some activities which are not research based.

6.4     Procedural guidelines should be compiled for committees, the writing of reports and for the organisation of conferences. This could be done by means of a template with headings.

6.5     The duties of members of the executive and other committees should be clearly spelled out.

6.6     The editorial committee of Acta Classica does not function as initially envisaged and the functions should be revised.

6.7     Criteria for awards of excellence should be standardised.

6.8     The CASA website should be utilised as a means of communication.

6.9     Revision of the constitution has become necessary since some stipulations have become obsolete e.g. the present constitution stipulates a biannual conference and meeting at the end of January, while the last two conferences have been held in July.


7.  Treasurers report

The treasurer’s report was circulated before the business meeting. Its acceptance is proposed by Koos Kritzinger and seconded by Hans Wolmarans.

The meeting agrees to adjust the membership fees as follows, for an interim period of two years, after which the effect on membership numbers will be evaluated:

Academic members: R 165

Full members: R130

Associate members: R 50

Student members: R50

Students should be encouraged to join the association. To accommodate these readers, more articles of a general and popular nature should appear in Akroterion.


8.  Reports from the branches

The reports from all regions were made available before the meeting. All reports are accepted and the responsible persons thanked.


9.  Acta Classica

The editor Prof Bill Henderson explains that the Sabinet agreement makes it possible for individual subscribers who have paid their membership fees to have access to the electronic version of the journal by means of a user code and password. The fact that the journal is now on the internet, has led to a dramatic increase in subscription moneys. The function of the editorial committee has also changed since everything is now done electronically. The editor suggests that one of the editorial members should be exclusively responsible for the electronic version.

Prof John Hilton suggests that only back copies be made available on line and not the most recent issues. The issue is handed over to the new editorial committee to rethink.

The chair person thanks Prof Henderson and the editorial for the important work done over the past two years. The publishing of Acta Classica is an important function of the association and it is a widely respected publication.


10.  Akroterion

The report on Akroterion has been circulated, and is approved. A vote of thanks to the present editor, Christoff Zietsman is proposed by Ms Corrie Schumann and endorsed unanimously.


11.  Taskforce on Latin tuition

A report on Latin in high schools, written by Prof. JM Claassen, member of the “Subcommittee for Schools’ Latin”, has been circulated and is included under separate cover (or attached electronically). The secondary document entitled “Support for Latin Teachers and Learners” which has been developed by the Working committee of CASA at Stellenbosch, but which has been rejected by the NED for inclusion as part of the Latin curriculum, will be put on the CASA website.

It is noted that the union of classics teachers in the Netherlands are producing new textbooks. Contact and co-operation in this regard will be encouraged and developed.

A report on the activities of Schola Scripta has been made available.


12.  Research committee

Prof John Hilton suggests that a list of subsidised journals be compiled for the CASA website. No new journals have been added to the list of the Department of Education in the past two years.


13.  Fundraising

Prof John Hilton mentions that consulates (Greek and Italian) are not unwilling to make contributions towards the funding of conferences, but requests should be made early in the year since their budgets have a cut off date.


14.  CASA website

The website is as good as its members make it. Members are requested to update information and contribute in order to keep the website dynamic.


15.  Ursula Vogel-Weideman Memorial Bursary

Prof Vogel’s CV is read. The recipient of the bursary is Susan Haskins (UKZN).


16.  Awards for excellence

No nominations have been received. The incoming committee will invite nominations and prescribe the format of nominations.


17.  B.X. de Wet Essay competition

The winners are announced. A proposal is put forward by Christoff Zietsman that, from 2005 onwards, the competition be renamed the “CASA essay competition” since the competition is sponsored by the Classical Association of South Africa and Akroterion has published the winning essay since 2002. There is no specific link between Akroterion and Prof de Wet. The proposal is unanimously accepted.


18.  Format, time and duration of future conferences

It is agreed that the conference will in future be held during the first week of July (Monday evening to Thursday lunch time).

The executive committee recommends that Monday evening be used for the key note address and reception and that the conference ends on the Thursday after lunch.

It will be left to the organising committee to decide if and when the excursion will take place.


19.  Venue, date and theme of next conference

The University of Cape Town offers to host the next conference in July 2007. The theme “East and West” is proposed but it is decided that the organising committee will determine the theme, taking into account the format of the conference.


20.  Election of office-bearers

20.1  Honorary president and patron

It is noted that the previous election of Judge Deon van Zyl as honorary president and Proff. P.J Conradie, W.J. Henderson and D.B. Saddington as honorary vice presidents, was not in accord with the constitution of the association (see par. 6 of constitution). The situation is rectified, and Judge Deon van Zyl, who was previously elected as honorary president will now become a patron of the association, while Proff Henderson, Saddington and Conradie, previously elected as honorary vice presidents, will now become honorary presidents. Their names will not be published in Acta Classica again.


20.2  Executive committee

The following members are elected:

Chairperson: John Hilton

Vice Chairperson: Christoff Zietsman.

Treasurer: Koos Kritzinger.

Secretary: Marianne Dircksen

Additional member: Corrie Schumann-Bosman


20.3  Acta Classica

The following persons are elected to serve on the editorial board:

Managing editor: L. Cilliers.

Treasurer: P. Bosman

Additional members: W.J Henderson and John Hilton. Additional members to be

co-opted as needed.


20.4  Subcommittees

 Research committee: J.C. Thom and L. Cilliers

Fundraising committee: R.A. Whitaker, John Hilton and S.J. Sharland

Taskforce for Latin in schools: C. Schumann-Bosman, J.M. Claassen, M.R. Dircksen and Judy Koekemoer (co-opted).


20.5  Thanks

The chairperson thanks the executive committee and the organising committee for their hard work.


20.6  Adjournment: The meeting adjourns at 13:00.