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Applications are invited for the Ursula Vogel Trust award for the year 2017. The award is available to postgraduate members of the Classical Association of South Africa (CASA) to support their research on an approved topic at an academic institution abroad. Applicants must have at least a BA Honours degree in the Classics, Ancient History, Latin or Classical Greek. Preference will be given to upcoming researchers in the field, and to an individual who intends doing research on a subject in ancient Roman or Greek History but other research topics in the general field of Classics or Classical Archaeology will also be eligible. The Trustees of the Fund have set the amount of the grant for 2017 at R 70 000 of which R 20 000 will be kept as surety that the research is completed.

The successful recipient shall present the Trustees with a report on the progress made on his or her research project overseas or successful completion thereof before the surety of R 20 000.00 will be paid to the recipient, and also supply the Trustees with reprints of any publications in academic journals based on the results of his or her research and submit a résumé of any thesis or book that is produced at the completion of the project pursued. He or she will also be required to acknowledge the financial support received in any such publication.

Candidates must submit their applications to the Chairperson of the Trustees for initial scrutiny and forwarding to the Trustees. Details of the information required to support the application are set out below, but enquiries may be send to the contact details supplied below. The Trustees will select a candidate from the list of eligible applicants and their decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into once the applicants have been informed of the result.

Applications for the award should be submitted before 1 March 2017 to the following address (electronic submissions are strongly advised):

Dr M De Marre (dmarrmea@unisa.ac.za)
Dept of Biblical and Ancient Studies TvW 8-113
PO Box 392

Please note that the award has to be taken up not later than 1 May 2017.


The following documentation is required from each applicant:

A resumé or research proposal of the intended research project, including a proposed timeline up to date of conclusion of the overall project (e.g. completion of postgraduate qualification or publication of article).
Proof of academic qualifications obtained.
The name of the institution where the research project will be conducted.
The name and contact details of the person under whose supervision the research will be conducted.
Confirmation by the contact person that the applicant has been invited by the institution to conduct research at the named institution.
A curriculum vitae.
A letter of recommendation from a senior academic colleague from the department to which the applicant is affiliated as a student, which will include a sound motivation for the importance of the intended research.
Proof of affiliation as student or member of staff (whether temporary or permanent) to the institution from which the applicant is applying for the award.
A budget for the applicant's foreseen expenditure, including an indication (if applicable) of how the applicant will provide for additional funding.

Past Recipients of the Vogel Award


2017 Danelle Bosch

2015 Sonja Gammage

2013 Hamish Williams

2011 Beate Britz

2009 Samantha Masters

2007 Jeffrey Murray

2005 Susan Haskins

2003 Martine de Marre and David Wardle

1999 Adrian Ryan