Scholia Reviews ns 6 (1997)

97-01ste: Susan Stephens & John Winkler, Ancient Greek Novels: The Fragments. (Herwig Maehler)
97-02lef: Mary Lefkowitz, Not Out of Africa. (Michael Lambert)
97-03foo: John Wilkins, David Harvey and Mike Dobson (edd.), Food in Antiquity. (John Hale)
97-04kov: David Kovacs, Euripides: Cyclops, Alcestis, Medea (Vol. 1); Children of Heracles, Hippolytus, Andromache, Hecuba (Vol. 2). (Kevin Lee)
97-05lus: C.A.E. Luschnig, The Gorgon's Severed Head. (Elizabeth Craik)
97-06dzi: Maria Dzielska, Hypatia of Alexandria. (Leonora Jackson)
97-07anc: Ronnie Ancona, Time and the Erotic. (Aileen Bevis)
97-08sch: John Scheid & Jesper Svenbro, The Craft of Zeus: Myths of Weaving and Fabric. (Richard Whitaker)
97-09mey: Eric M. Meyers (ed.), The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Archaeology in the Near East. (Garth Gilmour)
97-10wil: Lawrence M. Wills, The Jewish Novel in the Ancient World. (Armand D'Angour)
97-11mun: Horst Haider Munske & Alan Kirkness (edd.), Eurolatein: Das griechische und lateinische Erbe in den europaeischen Sprachen. (Bernhard Kytzler)
97-12arn: W.G. Arnott (ed. & tr.), Menander II. (David Konstan)
97-13bra: PETRONIUS TRANSLATED: R. Bracht Branham & Daniel Kinney (trr.), Petronius: The Satyrica; P.G. Walsh (tr.), Petronius: The Satyricon. (Sarah Ruden)
97-14bar: Ian M. Barton (ed.), Roman Domestic Buildings. (Walter Peters)
97-15her: Kevin Herbert, Roman Imperial Coins. (Anne Gosling)
97-16tan: David W. Tandy & Walter C. Neale, Hesiod's Works and Days. (Craige Champion)
97-17kyt: Bernhard Kytzler, Horaz: Eine Einfuehrung. (Richard Whitaker)
97-18mac: Suzanne MacAlister, Dreams and Suicides: The Greek Novel from Antiquity to the Byzantine Empire. (John Birchall)
97-19hen: John Henderson, Figuring Out Roman Nobility: Juvenal's Eighth Satire.. (Jonathan Walters)
97-20pau: Hubert Cancik & Helmuth Schneider (edd.), Der Neue Pauly: Enzyklopaedie der Antike in 15 Baenden und 1 Registerband. Band I, A-Ari.. (Bernhard Kytzler)
97-21rut: Leonard Victor Rutgers, The Jews in Late Ancient Rome: Evidence of Cultural Interaction in the Roman Diaspora. (Grant Parker)
97-22rac: William H. Race (ed. & tr.), Pindar: Nemean Odes, Isthmian Odes, Fragments.. (Bill Henderson)
97-23wol: E. Wolff (ed. and tr.), Dracontius: Oeuvres. Tome IV. Poèmes Profanes VI-X; Fragments. (Gregory Hays)
97-24som: Alan H. Sommerstein (ed. and tr.), Frogs: The Comedies of Aristophanes. (Wilfred Major)
97-25sch: Gareth Schmeling (ed.), The Novel in the Ancient World. (John Hilton)