Scholia Reviews ns 10 (2001)

01-01leh: Yves Lehmann, Varron théologien et philosophe romain (Clifford Ando)
01-02mor: Neville Morley, Writing Ancient History (Richard Evans)
01-03dov: Kenneth Dover, Thucydides Book VI (Cecilia Saerens)
01-04mag: Andre Magdelain, De la Royaute et du Droit de Romulus a Sabinus (Carin Green)
01-05lou: A. Loupiac, La poétique des éléments dans la Pharsale de Lucain (Carin Green)
01-06wal: H. J. Walker, Theseus and Athens (David Pike)
01-07pod: Anthony J. Podlecki, The Political Background of Aeschylean Tragedy (Peter Green)
01-08moo: R. W. Moore, Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin Syntax (Frank Scheppers)
01-09fin: M. Findlay, Classical Mythology (David Pike)
01-10atk: J. E. Atkinson, Curzio Rufo: Storie di Alessandro Magno. Volume I (Peter Green)
01-11cam: Jonathan Campbell, Roman Art and Architecture (Tom Stevenson)
01-12wlo: Marta Wlodarczyk, Pyrrhonian Inquiry (Bob Todd)
01-13mar: Glenn Markoe, Phoenicians: Peoples of the Past (Helen Perdicoyianni-Paleologou)
01-14ash: Rhiannon Ash, Ordering Anarchy: Armies and Leaders in Tacitus' Histories (David Wardle)
01-15gow: Barbara oward,, Telling Tragedy: Narrative Technique in Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides (Thomas Talboy)
01-16har: George W. M. Harrison (ed.), Seneca in Performance (A. J. Boyle)
01-17hew: M. L. Hewett (tr. and ed.), De Testimoniis: A Thesis by Gysbert Hemmy on the Testimony of the Chinese, Aethiopians, and Other Pagans (John Hilton)
01-18cal: William M. Calder III, Markus C. Dubischar, Martin Hose and Georg Vogt-Spira,. (edd.), Wilamowitz in Greifswald (Robert B. Todd)
01-19gru: Gruppo Archeologico Aquileiese, Attila e gli Unni. Mostra itinerante (Mark Humphries)
01-20har: Thomas Harrison, The Emptiness of Asia. Aeschylus' 'Persians' and the history of the fifth century (Anthony J. Podlecki)
01-21adr: Francisco Rodríguez Adrados (tr. Leslie A. Ray), History of the Graeco-Roman Fable (John Hilton)
01-22pan: Claude Pansiéri, Plaute et Rome, ou les ambiguîtés d'un marginal (C. W. Marshall)
01-23ful: Mark D. Fullerton, Greek Art (Tom Stevenson)
01-24sha: D. R. Shackleton Bailey, Valerius Maximus: Memorable Doings and Sayings Books I-V, VI-IX (David Wardle)
01-25gor: Ellen O'Gorman, Irony and Misreading in the Annals of Tacitus (Vincent Hunink)
01-26rut: Michael Elliot Rutenberg (tr.), Oedipus of Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Betine Van Zyl Smit)
01-27jom: Claudine Jomphe, Les théories de la dispositio et le Grand Oeuvre de Ronsard (Betine Van Zyl Smit)
01-28bro: Sarah Annes Brown, The Metamorphosis of Ovid: From Chaucer to Ted Hughes (Stephen Harrison)
01-29fay: Carla Fayer, La familia romana: aspetti giuridici ed antiquari (Tim Parkin)
01-30bra: Lorenzo Braccesi, Poesia e memoria: nuove proiezioni dell' antico (André Basson)
01-31mac: Ramsay MacMullen, Romanization in the Time of Augustus (Denis Saddington)
01-32bow: G. W. Bowersock, Peter Brown, and Oleg Grabar(edd.), Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World (Edmund Cueva)
01-33roi: Hanna M. Roisman, Nothing is as it seems (Elke Steinmeyer)
01-34sch: U. Schmitzer, Velleius Paterculus und das Interesse an der Geschichte im Zeitalter des Tiberius (Holger Koch)
01-35spe: Graham Speake, (ed.), Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition 2 vols. (Anne Gosling)