Scholia Reviews ns 11 (2002)

02-01bis: E. Bispham and C. Smith (edd.), Religion in Archaic and Republican Rome (Alex Nice)
02-02sta: Emma Stafford, Worshipping Virtues: Personification of the Divine in Ancient Greece (Nicolas Gross)
02-03rav: John E. Raven, Plants and Plant Lore in Ancient Greece (John M. McMahon)
02-04and: Clifford Ando, Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty (Tom Stevenson)
02-05dav: Malcolm Davies, The Greek Epic Cycle (Richard Whitaker)
02-06sco: Sarah Scott, Art and Society in Fourth-Century Britain: Villa Mosaics in Context (Anthony A. Barrett)
02-07cas: E. Lo Cascio and D. W. Rathbone (edd.), Production and Public Powers in Classical Antiquity (Denis Saddington)
02-08bru: J. Bruschwig and G. E. R. Lloyd, Greek Thought (Stephen Halliwell)
02-09bro: Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo (André Basson)
02-10jon: Brian Jones, Suetonius: Vespasian (Richard J. Evans)
02-11fal: Stefan Faller, Taprobane im Wandel der Zeit (John Hilton)
02-12jan: Micaela Janan, The Politics of Desire: Propertius IV (Carol Merriam)
02-13joh: W. R. Johnson, Lucretius and the Modern World (James Porter)
02-14kay: N. M. Kay, Ausonius: Epigrams (Vincent Hunink)
02-15rei: P. Riemer, M. Weissenberger, and B. Zimmermann, Einführung in das Studium der Gräzistik (James P. Holoka)
02-16edw: C. Edwards (tr.), Suetonius: Lives of the Caesars (John Jackson)
02-17hen: John Henderson, Telling Tales on Caesar. Roman Stories from Phaedrus (Anne Gosling)
02-18and: J. K. Anderson, Xenophon (Hélène Perdicoyianni-Paléologou)
02-19fra: Stavros A. Frangoulidis, Handlung und Nebenhandlung: Theater, Metatheater under Gattungsbewußtsein Gattungsbewußtsein in der römischen Komödie (Shirley Murray)
02-20chr: David Christenson, Plautus Amphitruo (Shirley Murray).
02-21moo: A. D. Moore and W. D. Taylour, Well-built Mycenae (Anton Jansen)
02-22bar: Alessandro Barchiesi, Speaking Volumes: Narrative and Intertext in Ovid and Other Latin Poets (Anne Gosling)
02-23tom: Paul Tombeur (ed.), Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina 1 (John Hilton)
02-24fin: Marion Findlay, Roman Religion (David Mirhady)
02-25kir: John T. Kirby, Secret of the Muses Retold (James Holoka)
02-26nap: Christopher Nappa, Aspects of Catullus' Social Fiction (Brian Arkins)
02-27fra: Peter France (ed.), The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation (Jo-Marie Claassen)
02-28dix: Suzanne Dixon, Reading Roman Women (Betine Van Zyl Smit)
02-29doh: Lilian E. Doherty, Gender and the Interpretation of Classical Myth (Betine Van Zyl Smit)
02-30bar: Timothy D. Barnes, Athanasius and Constantius (André Basson)
02-31hod: A. Trevor Hodge, Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply (Alfonso Burgers)
02-32row: C. Rowe and M. Schofield (edd.), The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Political Thought (Denis Saddington)
02-33jon: Brian Jones and Robert Milns, Suetonius: The Flavian Emperors (David Wardle)
02-34tho: Richard F. Thomas, Reading Virgil and His Texts: Studies in Intertextuality (Richard Whitaker)
02-35rus: Donald A. Russell, Quintilian: The Orator's Education (Vincent Hunink)
02-36sha: D. R. Shackleton Bailey (ed.), Cicero Letters (Maria Schneider)
02-37car: Paul Cartledge, Spartan Reflections (Michael Whitby)