Scholia Reviews ns 19 (2010)

10-01bag: Roger S. Bagnall, Early Christian Books in Egypt (Jonathan More)
10-02bra: Susanna Braund (ed.), Seneca: De Clementia (Miriam Griffin)
10-03how: Peter Howell, Martial. Ancients in Action (Jeffrey Murray)
10-04sco: Ruth Scodel, Epic Facework: Self-Presentation and Social Interaction in Homer (Soledad Correa)
10-05ash: Sally-Ann Ashton, Cleopatra and Egypt (Szerdi Nagy)
10-06dom: William Dominik and Jon Hall (edd.), A Companion to Roman Rhetoric (Koen de Temmerman)
10-07kim: Hyun Jin Kim, Ethnicity and Foreigners in Ancient Greece and China (Naoíse Mac Sweeney)
10-08col: Billie Jean Collins, Mary R. Bachvarova and Ian C. Rutherford (edd.), Anatolian Interfaces: Hittites, Greeks and their Neighbours (Naoíse Mac Sweeney)
10-09mal: Margaret Malamud, Ancient Rome and Modern America (Nikolai Endres)
10-10hob: Barry Hobson, Latrinae et Foricae: Toilets in the Roman World (Timothy Howe)
10-11pow: Barry B. Powell, Writing: Theory and History of the Technology of Civilization (María Fernanda De Girolami, Romina Magallanes)
10-12car: Carlo Caruso and Andrew Laird (edd.), Italy and the Classical Tradition. Language, Thought and Poetry 1300-1600 Frances Muecke)
10-13ste: Louise Steel, Cyprus Before History: From the Earliest Settlers to the End of the Bronze Age (Philippa M. Steele)
10-14ers: Andrew Erskine (ed.), A Companion to Ancient History (Denis Saddington)
10-15mad: ROMANIZATION EAST AND WEST: Jesper Majbom Madsen, Eager to be Roman: Greek Responses to Roman Rule in Pontus and Bithynia; Benedict Lowe, Roman Iberia: Economy, Society and Culture (Denis Saddington)
10-16mut: Fritz-Heiner Mutschler and Achim Mittag (edd.), Conceiving the Empire: China and Rome Compared (Bernhard Kytzler)
10-17rud: Sarah Ruden (tr.), Sheila Murnaghan (ed.), Homeric Hymns. (Paula de Castro)
10-18kin: Konrad H. Kinzl (ed.), A Companion to the Classical Greek World (Jan P. Stronk)
10-19gre: Emily Greenwood (ed.), Afro-Greeks, Dialogues Between Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Classics in the Twentieth Century (Richard Whitaker)
10-20sco: J. H. D. Scourfield (ed.), Texts and Culture in Late Antiquity: Inheritance, Authority, and Change (Marco Formisano)
10-21rol: Duane W. Roller, Eratosthenes’ Geography: Fragments Collected and Translated, with Commentary and Additional Material (Courtney Roby)
10-22gri: Miriam Griffin, A Companion to Julius Caesar (Richard J. Evans)
10-23cyr: SMALL SCREEN ROME: Monica S. Cyrino (ed.), Rome Season One: History Makes Television (Suzanne Sharland)
10-24car: D. M. Carter, The Politics of Greek Tragedy. Greece and Rome Live (Leona MacLeod)
10-25par: Catalin Partenie (ed.), Plato's Myths (Zoe Petre)
10-26rec: Kenneth Reckford, Recognizing Persius (Christoff Zietsman)
10-27csa: RECENT WORK ON THE RECEPTION OF DRAMA IN ANTIQUITY: Eric Csapo, Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater; Karelisa V. Hartigan, Performance and Cure: Drama and Healing in Ancient Greece and Contemporary America. (Simon Perris)
10-28kon: David Konstan and Kurt A. Raaflaub (edd.), Epic and History. The Ancient World: Comparative Histories (John Jacobs)
10-29cla: Jo-Marie Claassen, Ovid Revisited: The Poet in Exile (Larosa Beatrice)
10-30wen: Hamilton Wende, House of War (Alex Nice)
10-31pap: Zinon Papakonstantinou, Lawmaking and Adjudication in Archaic Greece (Ana Rapp)
10-32ste: Susan A. Stephens and Phiroze Vasunia (edd.), Classics and Colonial Cultures (John Hilton)