Scholia Reviews ns 20 (2011)

11-01gra: Anthony Grafton, Glenn W. Most, Salvatore Settis (edd.), The Classical Tradition (Bernhard Kytzler)
11-02cai: Douglas L. Cairns and J. G. Howie, Bacchylides: Five Epinician Odes (3, 5, 9, 11, 13). Text, Introductory Essays, and Interpretative Commentary. (Roosevelt Rocha)
11-03smi: Christopher Smith and Anton Powell (edd.), The Lost Memoirs of Augustus and the Development of Roman Autobiography (David Wardle)
11-04bel: Sinclair Bell and Helen Nagy (edd.), New Perspectives on Etruria and Early Rome (Roman Roth)
11-05hor: Geoffrey Horrocks, Greek: A History of the Language and its Speakers (Philippa M. Steele)
11-06lin: Jerzy Linderski, Roman Questions II: Selected Papers (Alex Nice)
11-07ing: Jennifer Ingleheart, A Commentary on Ovid Tristia Book 2. Oxford Classical Monographs (Beatrice Larosa)
11-08man: J. G. Manning, The Last Pharaohs: Egypt under the Ptolemies, 305-30 BC (John Atkinson)
11-09har: Jill Harries and Ian Wood (edd.), The Theodosian Code: Studies in the Imperial Law of Late Antiquity (Caillan Davenport)
11-10whi: David Whitehead (tr. and ed.), Apollodorus Mechanicus: Siege Matters (POLIORKHTIKA/). (Everett L. Wheeler)
11-12gar: Robert Garland, The Eye of the Beholder. Deformity and Disability in the Graeco-Roman World (Soledad Correa)
11-13als: Richard Alston, Edith Hall and Laura Proffitt (edd.), Reading Ancient Slavery (Jennifer Manley)
11-14but: David Butterfield and Christopher Stray (edd.), A. E. Housman: Classical Scholar (John Jacobs)
11-15dom: William J. Dominik, J. Garthwaite and P. A. Roche (edd.), Writing Politics in Imperial Rome. (P. J. Davis)
11-16lle: Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones and James Robson, Ctesias’ History of Persia. Tales of the Orient (Brian Sheridan)
11-23par: Catalin Partenie (ed.), Plato's Myths (Jenny Bryan)
11-18aug: SELF AND MOTHER: RECENT CRITICAL APPROACHES TO MATERNITY IN ROMAN LITERATURE: Antony Augoustakis, Motherhood and the Other: Fashioning Female Power in Flavian Epic; Ellen Oliensis, Freud's Rome: Psychoanalysis and Latin Poetry (Mairéad McAuley)
11-19bak: Egbert J. Bakker (ed.), A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language (Philippa M. Steele)
11-20van: Elizabeth Vandiver, Stand in the Trench, Achilles: Classical Receptions in the British Poetry of the Great War (Jeffrey Murray)
11-21fel: Andrew Feldherr, Playing Gods: Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Politics of Fiction (Jo-Marie Claassen)
11-22lam: Michael Lambert, The Classics and South African Identities (Richard Whitaker)
11-23par: R. B. Parkinson (ed.), Reading Ancient Egyptian Poetry among Other Histories (Hélène Perdicoyianni-Paléologou)
11-24vol: Katharina Volk, Ovid. (Beatrice Larosa)
11-25fre: Kirk Freudenburg (ed.), Horace: Satires and Epistles. (Suzanne Sharland)
11-26raw: Beryl Rawson (ed.), A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds. (Liz Gloyn)