Acta Classica

Acta Classica (ISSN 0065-1141 [print] / 2227-538X [online]): Proceedings of the Classical Association of South Africa

Acta Classica publishes full articles, miscellaneous articles, review articles and reviews. The language of publication is mainly English, but many contributions have also been written in Afrikaans, German, French, Dutch, Latin, and Italian.

Acta Classica is an international journal. It has published work by scholars residing in South Africa, the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Rhodesia and Nyasaland / Zimbabwe / Tanzania, Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, Israel, Poland, Greece, France, and Japan.

The journal publishes work in all fields of Classics, from textual criticism to the Classical Tradition / Reception Studies. Many contributions have been made in the field of Ancient History, but the majority have been literary in nature. Further contributions have been made in the field of Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Religion. Some interesting work has also been done in the history of Classical Scholarship — including the work of South African Classics scholars — Lexicography, Epigraphy, Art, and Archaeology. There have also been articles in such diverse areas of study as Research Methodology in Classics and Byzantine / Medieval Studies.

All articles since Vol. 57 (2014) contain digital object identifiers (DOIs) as required by many international research funding bodies. The prefix is DOI 10.15731/AClass.

Acta Classica has been indexed on Thomsonreuter’s Web of Science since 2009 and on the European Research Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS) since 2011. Acta Classica was approved for inclusion in ERIH PLUS on new criteria in June 2017. The URL for this list is ERIH PLUS. The Coden registration for Acta Classica is ACCLAP.

Users of Endnote may want to download the Acta Classica Endnote style (ActaClassicaHarvard.ens) and the compressed data files for work published in the journal (ActaClassica.enlx) in order to search for articles, notes, and reviews, using this bibliographical package.