Translation Prize

The Classical Association of South Africa funds an annual prize for the best translation from or into Latin or Classical Greek.

The intention of the competition is to promote the close and exact study of the Greek and Latin languages, to encourage the art of translating from and into Greek and Latin poetry and prose, to encourage students to read in the original authors not usually studied in the curriculum, to demonstrate the continuing importance of the Classical Languages for our contemporary culture in South Africa, to promote cooperation between the various Classics programmes in South Africa, and to promote the use of all of the official languages of South Africa as media for conveying Greek or Latin literature to the wider South African public.

The competition is open to any registered student at a tertiary or secondary educational institution in South Africa.


Applications for 2021 will open in August.

The rules of the competition in English may be downloaded here, in Afrikaans here.

Previous winners

2019: Reinhard Schreiber (North-West University)

2017: Simon Idema (North-West University)

2016: Evert Pistorius (North-West University) & Helen Lenahan (Rhodes University)

2013: Ursula Westwood (University of Cape Town)

2011: Annemarie de Villiers (University of Stellenbosch)