Scholia Reviews 2 (1993)

T. P. Wiseman, Talking to Virgil: A Miscellany. (M.A. Gosling)
Christopher Stray, The Living Word: W. H. D. Rouse and the Crisis of Classics in Edwardian England. (M.A. Gosling)
Michael W. Taylor, The Tyrant Slayers: The Heroic Image in Fifth Century BC Athenian Art and Politics. (E. A.Mackay)
John L. Hilton, An Introduction to Latin. (J.M. Claassen)
Ann Norris Michelini, Euripides and the Tragic Tradition. (F.M. Dunn)
Michael Maas, John Lydus and the Roman Past:Antiquarianism and Politics in the Age of Justinian. (P. McKechnie)
B. E. Lewis (tr.), Latin Literature for Contemporary Readers: An Anthology of Latin Prose and Verse Translated into English with an Introduction and Notes. (J. L. Hilton)
P. G. Walsh (ed. and tr.), Love Lyrics from the Carmina Burana. (Richard Whitaker)
John Dillon and Jackson Hershbell (edd. and trr.)Iamblichus: On the Pythagorean Way of Life. Text, Translation, and Notes. (Johan C. Thom)
Michael Dewar (ed. and tr.), Statius: Thebaid IX. Edited with an English Translation and Commentary. (W. J. Dominik)