Scholia Reviews 3 (1994)

R. Verdière, Le Secret du Voltigeur d’Amour ou le Mystère de la Relegation d’Ovide. (Jo-Marie Claassen)
Peter Whigham, Letter to Juvenal: 101 Epigrams From Martial. Tony Harrison, Palladas: Poems. Charles Tomlinson (ed.), Eros English’d: Classical Erotic Poetry in Translation from Golding to Hardy. (Michael Lambert)
Plutarque, Opinions des Philosophes, texte établi et traduit par Guy Lachenaud (Stephen T. Newmyer)
Peter Toohey, Reading Epic: An Introduction to the Ancient Narratives. A. J. Boyle (ed.), Roman Epic. (Peter Davis)
H. T. Wallinga, Ships and Sea-power before the Great Persian War: the Ancestry of the Ancient Trireme. (Antony Graham Keen)
C. Deroux (ed.), Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History VI. (Garrett G. Fagan)
Danny P. Jackson (tr.), The Epic of Gilgamesh. (Bernard Paul Sypniewski)
Hilary J. Deighton, A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome. (Hendrik F. Stander)
G. O. Hutchinson (ed.), Latin Literature from Seneca to Juvenal: A Critical Study. (W.J. Dominik)
S. Farron, Vergil’s Aeneid: A Poem of Grief and Love. (William J. Dominik)
James Tatum (ed.), The Search for the Ancient Novel. (John Hilton)
John Miles Foley, Immanent Art: From Structure to Meaning in Traditional Oral Epic. (Anne Mackay)