Scholia Reviews 5 (1996)

Eva CanterellaBisexuality in the Ancient World. Translated by C. O. Cuilleain. (Eva Stehle)
Gareth D. WilliamsBanished Voices: Readings in Ovid’s exile poetry. (Anne Gosling)
Gian Biagio ConteLatin Literature: A History. Translated by Joseph B. Solodow, revised by Don Fowler and Glenn W. Most. (Peter Davis)
G. SpeakeA Dictionary of Ancient History. (Adrian Ryan)
Theodore ZiolkowskiVirgil and the Moderns. (Bernhard Kytzler)
Marinus A. WesClassics in Russia 1700-1855: Between Two Bronze Horsemen. (William M. Calder III)
Michael Lloyd (ed.)Euripides: Andromache. Edited with an Introduction, Translation and Commentary. (Walter Hift)
Andrew Wallace-HadrillHouses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum. (Frank Sear)
Christopher Gill & T.P. WisemanLies and Fiction in the Ancient World. (Bernhard Kytzler)
Baldassare Conticello (ed.)Monographs 8,9, 10 of a series of archaeological monographs on Pompeii. (Erika Simon & Anne Mackay)
A.J. Boyle (ed.)Roman Literature and Ideology. (Sarah Ruden)
Epifanio Furnari (ed.)Monograph 7 of a series of archaeological monographs on Pompeii. (Erika Simon and Anne Mackay)
Rush RehmMarriage to Death. (Margaret Mezzabotta)
T.P. WisemanHistoriography and Imagination. (Peter Tennant)
Charles PenglaseGreek Myths and Mesopotamia. (David Pike)
John PenwillTwo Essays on Vergil: Intertextual Issues in Aeneid 6 and Georgics 4. (Steven Farron)
Eugene GarverAristotle’s Rhetoric: An Art of Character. (Kobus Cronje)
Peter AicherGuide to the Aqueducts of Ancient Rome. (Alfonso Burgers)
Shadi BartschActors in the Audience: Theatricality and Doublespeak from Nero to Hadrian. (William J. Dominik)
Carole E. NewlandsPlaying with Time: Ovid and the Fasti. (Anne Gosling)
Sylviane EstiotAureliano. Vol. II/1: Ripostiglio della Vene\ra (Anne Gosling)
Ian Worthington (ed.)Persuasion: Greek Rhetoric in Action. (Clive Chandler)
Astrid SeeleRoemische Uebersetzer: Noete, Freiheiten, Absichten (Bernhard Kytzler)
Richard EvansGaius Marius: A Political Biography (Alex Nice)
George GooldChariton: Callirhoe (John Birchall)
Jean Bouquet & Etienne Wolff (edd.)Dracontius. (Peter Christiansen)
Nazarena Valenza MeleCorpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Italia 69, Museo Nazionale di Napoli 5 – Raccolta Cumana. (Anne Mackay)
Ian Worthington (ed.)Persuasion: Greek Rhetoric in Action. (Cecil Wooten)
Mary Lefkowitz & Guy Maclean Rogers(edd.)Black Athena Revisited. (Toby Wilkinson)
Brian StockAugustine the Reader. (Andre Basson)